Installcorp – Room Renovation

Renovation projects can sometimes seem daunting.  However, this does not have to be the case.  Installcorp’s installation management service will make these projects seem simple.  Recently, our team have been working on a renovation project to convert office space into a dairy process room.  Crane Holding the HVAC unitOne of the tasks to be completed was the installation of a new rooftop HVAC unit .  As a result of proper scheduling and the coordination of tasks, the unit was placed on the roof of the building and the installation completed with minimum impact to the existing operations.

In order to complete the room renovations work without disrupting the existing operation, isolation barriers (aka hoarding) were installed.  This allowed existing walls, ceiling and floors to be demolished and new installed, according to dairy food process requirements.  The room renovation work affected the ventilation air flow throughout the building so new air distribution ductwork was installed.  All of this work was completed without impact to existing operations.


The execution of an installation project like this is only as good as the planning that has gone into it. Installcorp’s project manager makes sure to carefully select contractors and plan all of the tasks with the customer’s needs in mind.  It is our priority to consider the costumer’s requirements throughout to the entire installation process.  Our approach keeps all team members on the same page to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Do you have an industrial renovation project that seems daunting?  If so, we can help.  Installcorp can manage all aspects of the project including design, engineering, procurement and installation.  Successfully renovating this dairy process room is just one example of our many successful projects.  After installing this HVAC, the people in the building are a whole lot happier since they have relief from this hot summer weather.